Box with 12 R15 pads with AR3 vibration-damping ring.

R15 pads for Combiflex pneumatic brakes. 
Since years we have been testing and selecting the best performing mixture to guarantee high performances, long life span and, moreover, no emission of fine particles that can damage the operator health.
All Re brake pads are strictly asbestos-free.

*ATTENTION: if you need to order related product such as spring retaining, spring pad, seal, seal OR, piston spring, piston; consider that they are single unit and you need to order the right quantity.

Cod. 01A67016 (box with 12 pads)

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Asbestos free yes
Powder emission limitation ooooo
Performance with high temperature ooooo
Life span ooooo
Waterproof oooo
RoHS compliance yes
Antivibration ooo (AR3)
Antirotation yes
Wear sensor

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