Web guiding systems



Ultrasonic sensor for Resmart (MWG10.1) webguiding systems

The ultrasonic SU sensors are specifically designed for detecting of the edges of materials such as paper, carton, plastic film of any colour or transparent.
The compact design, the membrane keyboard integrated on the sensor and the LED strip, to read the level of coverage, guarantee an easy installation in all kind of applications, most of all on very narrow frames, such us Re Skuba webguide.
SU.m-25 is equipped with a transmitter and a receiver that guarantees a measuring range of 5 mm with a resolution of 0,01 mm.

Select the right version:

  • 5Q010011 - SU.M.25 V2 press gland + 15cm cable and 4 poles flying connector
  • 5Q010013 SU.M-25 V2 press gland + 80cm cable for MWG.10
  • 5Q010010 - SU.M-25 V2 SKB press gland +35cm cable and 90° 4 poles connector

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Power supply           12÷24 Vdc
Absorption < 50 mA
Fork width 25 mm
Measuring range 6 mm
Resolution 0,01 mm
Ultrasonic frequence 200 kHz
Analog output 0÷5 Vdc, 4÷20 mA
Working temperature 0÷50 °C
IP protection class IP40 / IP54

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