HP cover CX.250


HP cover for Combiflex CX.250 pneumatico brake.

The HP cover for CX.250 brake is equipped with an high performance fan that allows to reach an higher heat dissipation in order to increase the life span of the pads reducing maintenance costs.
Moreover, the cover drastically reduces the external dimensions of the brakes.

HP3 cover can be equipped with sensors to increase the performance of the brake.

Select the right model:

  • Cod.01A14075 - Cover HP1.V2 24Vdc
  • Cod. 01A14076 - Cover HP2.V2 24Vdc
  • Cod. 01A14077 - Cover HP3.V2 24Vdc

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Power supply - Vdc 242424
Consumption - Watt 203050
Absorption - A 0,81,252,1
Heat dissipation - kW 3,54 4,5

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