Tension controllers



Electropneumatic converter for a precise web tension.

Antlia proportionally transforms an input electric signal into a pneumatic signal.
It is recommented for the excellent price/performance ratio and can be used both on open-loop and closed-loop systems.
Thanks to its compact dimension Antlia can be easily installed near the brake or the clutch it is connected to, in order to obtain the maximum performance.

Antlia XL is a special version for high flows.

Select the right version:

  • Cod. 05X74005 - Antlia with filter
  • Cod. 05L74003 - Antlia XL with filter 

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               Antlia                Antlia XL
Power supply 24 Vdc 24 Vdc
Input signal 0÷10 V (on request 4÷20 mA) 0÷10 V
Working temperature 0÷60 °C -20÷50 °C
IP protection class IP30 IP65
Electromagnetic compatibility,
compliance with CE requirements


EN50081-2: 1994
EN50082-2: 1995

Pneumatic connections
Supply over the maximum
output pressure

1,5 bar (22 psi)

2 bar (29 psi) min
Output pressure 0÷6 bar max; 0÷90 psi max* 0÷6 bar max; 0÷90 psi max*
Fluid oil free, dry air, filtered to 5 microns oil free, dry air, filtered to 5 microns
Connection 1/8" NPT 1/4" NPT

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