Load cells



Flange load cell to detect the web tension of a running web to process.

They are installed at the end of a measuring roller to precisely detect the resultant of the forces generated by pulling of the material depending on the wrapping angle.
CF load cells have been designed with a compact design, to easily fit them in narrow spaces, to be installed very easily and to reach a very high reliability.

Select the right version:

  • Cod. 6A12001 - CF. (load 250N)
  • Cod. 6A12002 - CF. (load 500N)
  • Cod. 6A12003 - CF. (load 1000N)
  • Cod. 6A12004 - CF. (load 2000N)

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Precision class         0,5%
Resistenza ponte strain gauge 350O Ohm
Total error-repeatability-histeresy-linearity <0,05% of full scale value
Max overload in measuring direction 300% of full scale value
Temperature compensation +10°C / +50°C
Working temperature +10°C / +50°C
Sensitivity from 1,5 mV/V to 2,0 mV/V
Supply: max 15V
Max at full scale value: 20 mV
 output 4-20 mA (with embedded preamplifier)

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