Load cells



Shaft through load cell to detect the web tension of a running web to process.

CK load cells are used for through shaft assembly application. They are designed to obtain low bend improving precision and reliability. Central hole houses the bearing, so to reduce even more dimensions and setup time.
The CKF.125 load cell is a specific model with a double fixing method: with 3 or 4 holes to be fitted in any kind of application.

Select the right version:

  • Cod. 6B13004 - CKF.125.75.25 ACC (load 250 N)
  • Cod. 6B13001 - CKF.125.150.25 ACC (load 500 N)

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Precision class         0,5%
Resistenza ponte strain gauge 350O Ohm
Total error-repeatability-histeresy-linearity <0,05% of full scale value
Max overload in measuring direction 300% of full scale value
Temperature compensation +10°C / +50°C
Working temperature +10°C / +50°C
Sensitivity from 1,5 mV/V to 2,0 mV/V
Supply: max 15V
Max at full scale value: 20 mV
 output 4-20 mA (with embedded preamplifier)

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