Electromagnetic powder brake

Eleflex brakes guarantee small size, high precision of the torque control, no dust emissions and reduced residual torque.
B.351 model guarantees 0,2 Nm of residual torque and 35 Nm of torque.
B.351 can be provided with radiator (B.351-R) to increase the heat dissipation and, consequently, the life span of the brake.

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  • Cod. 1Z03002 - B.351
  • Cod. 1Z03003 - B.351-R

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Nominal torque           35 Nm
Residual torque 0,2 Nm
Current 1 A
Resistance 24 Ohm
Tension 24 V
Power dissipation B.351
130 W
230 W 
Rpm min/max 40/2000 rpm
Max working temperature 70°C

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